The Story of Izhiman

Extended roots from the nineteenth century and Jerusalem’s heritage were met in Bab Al-Amud when the first store established under izhiman family based brand. It was a pioneer project in the field of coffee making shop as it was the first shop in Jerusalem then. Our concern is always to be distinguished by choosing the best sources green coffee and using best methods of preparation, and follow up the most recent techniques and technologies.

Our Traditions are growing up...

This growing family based business moved to Jordan in 1967 as Izhiman’s first shop was established in Petra Street by Mr.Mustafa Izhiman, who was succeed by GM Mr.Ishaq Izhiman who was born in Jerusalem in 1965.

The GM dedicated his fruitful efforts in 1992 by establishing Izhiman’s second branch in Swaifieh to go behind the inherited legacy from his well known family. And only after eight years and to insure maintaining the state of the art technologies Mr.Ishaq Izhiman established “Izhiman Global Trade & Investment Group” which led to a dramatic change that has been took place. It was a moment that Izhiman is no more shop buying coffee, but a destination for quality seekers of nuts, grains, spices, chocolate, tea, thyme perfumes and Backhoor. Izhiman a sign indicates our ability to meet our precious customers taste and desires.

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