Chairman’s Statement

Since its inception in 1893 and tha launch of its brand "IZHIMAN" in 1923, to the opening of its Sweifieh branch which was a major step towards improving customer service in terms of products quality, and which also offers herbs, thyme, and nuts, the group has dedicated itself to providing the best service for the local market. Today and after "IZHIMAN GLOBAL TRADE & INVESTMENT GROUP"opened its factory in 2009, the Group’s management is keen to establish new values and concepts in the area of business administration by taking many bolds steps and investing in various industries and services to improve the quality of the products provided to our dear customers.

Modern approaches, innovation, and creativity are the most important foundations on which "IZHIMAN GLOBAL TRADE & INVESTMENT GROUP" was built, thus, transforming itself from a small company running various shops to a large group capable of providing the best services in marketing and distributing its and other companies products to the local, Arab, and international markets.

We are confident that we will continue our work to achive high-level sevices at the regional and international levels. We promise to move forward in the process of expansion, research and development, and diversifying our services, in order to remain loyal to our brand "IZHIMAN COFFEE" and our dear customers.

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